Balanced Annihilation Wiki

Balanced Annihilation is a Total Annihilation mod remastered with improved graphics and balance. The philosophy of Balanced Annihilation follows three principles:

  • Refined Total Annihilation mod: BA's lineage traces back to Total Annihilation and the mods that refined its classic graphics and gameplay across decades.
  • Competitive Gameplay: BA has matured through years of playtesting by veteran players in both casual and tournament settings. Faction and unit choices offer many unique tactical possibilities.
  • Stable Balance: BA is conservatively balanced to favour strategic play. Every unit has a role and few units get truly obsolete as the game progresses.


Balanced Annihilation runs competitive 1v1 tournaments that attract many dedicated players. At 64 players the 2022 Crown Cup 3 tournament was the largest tournament in Spring's 16 year history. Players battle for a place in the Balance Committee and the BA crown, a unique in-game item for the commander that can only be aquired by winning the event.


Balanced Annihilation's history traces back to the mod Absolute Annihilation by Caydr (2002-2006). AA was based on ÜberHack by Brave Sir Robin (1998-2002). The Swedish Yankspankers work on the TA Demo Recorder (1999-2004) made it possible for AA to be ported to 3D and these efforts led to the creation of Balanced Annihilation in 2006 using the Spring engine. Zero-K and BAR were both forked from Balanced Annihilation in the past.

Balance Committee[]

The Balance Committee votes on the future of BA balance. The Crown Cup winner becomes the leader of the Balance Committee with the title of BA Governor. The top 10 Crown Cup players win a place on the Balance Committee and between 1 and 10 votes based on rank. Members may propose new changes or reject dev changes. A high number of votes indicates community consensus. This information is used to develop BA with the community.