Balanced Annihilation Wiki
    "enter",                     "Send chat message",
    "alt + enter",               "Send chat message to allies",
    "shift + enter",             "Send chat message to spectators",
    "ctrl + left click on name", "Ignore player",

    "shift + esc",         "Quit menu",
    "f11",                 "Widget list",
    "ctrl + f11",          "Widget tweak mode",  
    "h",                   "Share units / resources",

    "Camera movement"
    "scrollwheel",                 "Zoom camera",
    "arrow keys / mouse at screen edge", "Move camera",
    "ctrl + scrollwheel",          "Change camera angle",
    "middle click (+ drag)",       "Drag camera",
    "ctrl + shift + o",            "Flip camera",

    "Camera modes"
    "ctrl + f1,2,3,4,5",           "Change camera type",
    "alt + backspace",             "Toggle fullscreen",
    "tab",                         "Toggle overview camera",
    "l",   "Toggle LOS view",
    "f1",  "Show height map",
    "f2",  "Show passability (for selected unit)",
    "f3",  "Cycle through map marks",
    "f4",  "Show metal map",
    "f5",  "Hide GUI",

    "-/+",                 "Change volume",
    "f6",                  "Toggle mute",

    "Selecting units"     
    "left mouse (+ drag)",      "Select or deselect units",
    "Giving orders"         
    "right mouse (single click)",   "Give order to unit(s)",
    "right mouse (drag)",           "Give formation order to unit(s)",
    "Selecting orders"
    "(none)", "default order (usually move)",
    "m",   "move",
    "a",   "attack",
    "y",   "set priority target",
    "r",   "repair",
    "e",   "reclaim",
    "o",   "resurrect",
    "f",   "fight",
    "p",   "patrol",
    "k",   "cloak",    
    "s",   "stop (clears order queue)",
    "w",   "wait (pause current command)",
    "j",   "cancel priority target",    
    "d",   "manual fire (dgun)",
    "ctrl + d", "self-destruct",
    "Giving selected orders"
    "left mouse (single click)",    "Give order to unit(s)",
    "right mouse (single click)",   "Revert to default order",
    "right mouse + drag",           "Give formation order to unit(s)",

    "Queueing orders"
    "shift + (some order)",         "Add order to end of order queue",
    "space + (some order)",         "Add order to start of order queue",

    "(mouse)",    "Select from units build-menu",
    "z",         "Cycle through metal production buildings, anti, sheild",
    "x",         "Cycle through energy production buildings",
    "c",         "Cycle through ground turrets",
    "v",         "Cycle through nano, anti-air, and radar",
    "[ and ], or o",   "Change facing of buildings",
    "Giving build orders"
    "left mouse",   "Give build order",
    "right mouse",  "De-select build order",
    "shift + (build order)", "Build in a line",
    "shift + alt + (build order)", "Build in a square",
    "b",           "Increase build spacing",
    "n",           "Decrease build spacing",

    "Group selection"
    "ctrl + a",                "Select all units",
    "ctrl + b",                "Select all constructors",
    "ctrl + (num)",            "Add units to group (num=1,2,..)",
    "(num)",                   "Select all units assigned to group (num)",
    "ctrl + z",                "Select all units of same type as current",

    "q + dbl click",       "Place map mark",
    "q + drag left mouse", "Draw on map",
    "q + drag right mouse","Erase drawings and markers",

    "Console commands"
    "/clearmapmarks",  "Erase all drawings and markes",
    "/clock",          "Toggle ingame clock",
    "/fps",            "Toggle ingame fps indicator",