Balanced Annihilation Wiki

The Peewee is a cheap tier 1 ARM infantry kbot with high speed, efficient on hills and rough terrain.

It can be used to raid enemy expansion and exploit weaknesses in the enemy lines. You can take out lone commanders with a few of them.

It has good vision range, allowing it to scout relatively cheaply. Even though its firepower at close range is impressive, it is not usually efficient against heavier units, especially riot units, such as the Leveler.

Compared to the CORE AK, it has less range, but deals more damage. Since the AK also matches its speed, you have to be careful of them kiting your Peewees!


  • HP: 300
  • Speed: 84 elmos/second
  • Cost: 48 metal, 957 energy, 1420 buildpower
  • Vision range: 429 elmos

Weapon: EMG

  • Default damage: 11
    • Air damage: 3
  • Rate of fire: 0,31/s
    • Burst: 3
    • Burst delay: 0.1
  • DPS: ~106
    • Against air: ~29s
  • Range: 180 elmos
  • Velocity: 500 elmos/second